Time Technology presents


the mobile shot clock

Finally … a shot clock that meets the needs of clubs and associations that don’t have use of a permanent playing facility. ShotClock is reliable, portable and affordable. A ShotClock system includes a control box and two displays, and uses wireless communication. Here are some distinctive features of ShotClock :

Visible   Large, bright displays are clearly visible from either end of the court.
Simple   Control unit makes clock operation simple and quick.
Wireless   Control unit uses wireless communication to the displays, eliminating inconvenience of cables.
Mobile   Packaged in an attractive plastic cabinet, ShotClock is light and easy to position for maximum visibility. Display units weigh less than three pounds each.
Flexible   ShotClock can be set up for any shot time up to 99 seconds.

No maintenance is required. We provide a 2-year warranty; extended warranty available.

Time Technology has been manufacturing clocks for other recreational applications since 1986. We have a proven record of reliability and customer service. Please contact us for a list of references.

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